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Surgery in Geriatrics and Frailty is an open access, international journal publishing peer-reviewed original research (including prospective clinical trials, observational studies and experimental papers), reviews (including systematic reviews and meta-analyses), guideline proposals and guidelines, case reports, letters and editorials related to surgical and perioperative care in elderly and frail patients.

As the global population ages, the demand for surgical interventions in geriatric and frail patients continues to rise. While surgical procedures can offer significant benefits for these patients, the risks associated with surgery in this population are also significant. Despite this, the standards of care for surgical interventions in geriatric and frail patients often fall short of what is necessary to ensure optimal outcomes. As comorbidityand frailty are stronger predictors of surgical outcome than age, we consider our journal to be relevant and pertinent within the scientific literature.

We welcome submissions from all specialities involved in the surgical journey of these patients, and also from nurses and allied health professionals, whose input is of paramount importance within the context of the multidisciplinary team. The editorial team is interested in receiving manuscripts which provide a holistic approach and insight into the management of this ever growing category of patients- preoperative assessment and pre-optimisation, operative considerations and outcomes, comprehensive geriatric assessment and specialist geriatric interventions, critical care support, shared decision making and realistic medicine, palliative surgical care and surgical futility, specialist nursing and allied health professional considerations, and quality of life studies.

For this reason, the intended audience for Surgery in Geriatrics and Frailty are surgeons, intensivists, anaesthesiologists, physicians/geriatricians, palliative care doctors, nurses, AHPs and clinical researchers with interests in surgery and perioperative care in this patient group. We accept submissions and will aim to involve a diverse group of people regardless of race, colour, ethnicity, religion, gender identities, disabilities, ages, or stage of career. 

Surgery in Geriatrics and Frailty is the journal of the Italian Society of Geriatric Surgery (Società Italiana di Chirurgia Geriatrica, SICG), devoted improving surgical healthcare for elderly and frail people.


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